A Critical Study of Service Quality of Public Sector and Private Sector Banks In India (A Comparative Study of P.N.B. and ICICI BANK in Rajasthan)


  • Dr. Vikram Singh


This study investigates and compares the service quality offered by two prominent banks in India, Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.), representing the public sector, and ICICI Bank, representing the private sector, within the region of Rajasthan. The research employs a mixed-methods approach, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. Quantitative data is gathered through surveys distributed to customers of both banks, assessing various dimensions of service quality such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles. Qualitative data is obtained through interviews with bank managers and frontline staff, providing insights into the operational aspects affecting service quality. The analysis of the data aims to identify similarities and differences in service quality between the two sectors, exploring factors contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Findings from this study offer valuable insights for both banks and policymakers in enhancing service quality and competitiveness in the banking sector.